The March on Rome

Marcia su Roma, 2022

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023 / 19:00 / 98' 4 € Tickets

Language: English, Italian

Subtitles: Spanish

  • Italy.
  • Direction: Mark Cousins.
  • Production: Palomar.
  • Executive production: Antonio Badalamenti, Andrea Romeo.
  • Screenplay: Mark Cousins, Tony Saccucci.
  • Photography: Mark Cousins, Timoty Aliprandi.
  • Edition: Timo Langer.
  • Cast: Alba Rohrwacher.

Through a very seldom seen archive and with his characteristic style of cinematographic analysis, Mark Cousins recounts the rise of Fascism in Italy, and its subsequent spread across Europe in the 1930s. A film essay and historical document at the same time, in which Cousins contextualises history and the present, holding a mirror up to a political landscape that reflects a horrific far right and manipulated media.