Les Harkis


© Istiqlal Films - Jacques Reboud
© Istiqlal Films - Jacques Reboud
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Thursday, 27 April 2023 / 16:30 / 82' 5 € Tickets

Language: Arab, French

Subtitles: Spanish

  • France-Belgium.
  • Direction: Philippe Faucon.
  • Production: Philippe Faucon, Yasmina Nini-Faucon, Jean-Pierre eta Luc Dardenne, Delphine Tomson / Istiqlal Films, Les Films du Fleuve.
  • Coproduction: Christophe Rossignon, Philip Boëffard, Pierre Guyard, Philippe Martin, David Thion, Olivier Père, Rémi Burah / Arte France Cinéma, VOO & Be tv, Nord-Ouest Films, Les Films Pelléas, Barney Production, Tanit Films.
  • Screenplay: Philippe Faucon, Yasmina Nini-Faucon, Samir Benyala.
  • Photography: Laurent Fénart.
  • Music: Amine Bouhafa.
  • Edition: Sophie Mandonnet.
  • Cast: Theo Cholbi, Mohamed Mouffok, Pierre Lottin, Yannick Choirat, Omar Boulakirba, Mehdi Mellouk, Amine Zorgane, Alaeddine Ouali, Philippe Du Janerand, Eric Paul.

During the Algerian War, many poor young Algerians join the French army: they are known as harkis. Salah and Kaddour are two of them, and end up in a unit under the orders of Lt Pascal. The situation in the conflict suggests that Algeria's independence is drawing near, and the harkis face an uncertain fate. Pascal clashes with his superiors in an attempt to have all the men in his unit repatriated to France.