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Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Friday, 28 April 2023 / 17:00 / 45' Reservations

Language: Spanish


  • Spain.
  • Direction: José Antonio Vitoria.
  • Production: Ados Filmak, Bidebitarte Kooperatiba.
  • Executive production: José Antonio Vitoria.
  • Screenplay: José Antonio Vitoria.
  • Stage direction: Garbi Losada.
  • Dramaturgy: Garbi Losada, José Antonio Vitoria.
  • Photography: Beñat Revuelta.
  • Music: Javier Asín.
  • Edition: Beñat Revuelta, Rubén Prieto.
  • Cast: Andrea Segovia, Dante Calderón, Javier Asín, Iris Cárdenas, Marcos Iranzo, Marta Antoñana, Maynor Ramos, Mila Espiga, Naoufal Amih, Rubén Saunier.
Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

The documentary records the experience of a group of people in a situation of poverty, homelessness or economic vulnerability, and in particular users of the PARIS 365 social canteen in Pamplona, involved together with the company Ados Teatroa in the process of creating the performance Aporofobia STOP. The project, which recently received the 2022 Ars Mediterranea Social Theatre Award, uses the performing arts as an instrument to achieve a positive image and transformation for this group.

In parallel with the creation and presentation of the show, the documentary takes us through a year both in the lives of the canteen users and the different phases of the creative process, from the first meetings to the final performances, giving us an insight into how the process itself gradually transforms these people.



Invitations through the button RESERVE and at the Victoria Eugenia ticket office from April 14.