Lives in motion

Tetuán is a journey through images in transit, from family archives and discarded archives, a journey in search of the life of its protagonists, to reconstruct stories that dwell in the margins. In Tetuán we interlink past and present, and encounter like-minded viewpoints which tell us that we are not so different.

I was prompted to begin writing and thinking about this story by the urge of the daughter of a migrant who needed to know who her father was, the places he travelled through, the difficulties he faced. In my role as a film-maker, my personal curiosity was ultimately transformed into the filmic desire to construct a shared search.

Through a cinematographic and emotional journey, I am now part of this narrative. On some occasions as observer, on others narrating the search in first person, my dedication and my impressions throughout the film.

The story of Carmelo Fresneda, my father, has become a collective account. Tetuán is now the story of Carmelo, Annemarie, Irina and Mohamed, a story of stories that are echoed in many others. Their lives are interlinked by movement, by the need to travel in search of a better life, or simply to continue living.

Iratxe Fresneda
Director of Tetuán