Torture at Basque Country

Even though the condemnation of torture had been a feature in my world, when I want to the presentation of the report from the Basque Institute of Criminology I saw the light. The incidence, dimension, scientific methodology and, most importantly, the capacity of torture to remain in the shadows surpassed my worst nightmares. In the documentary I start from an incident in my family, as this will help the spectator to accompany me on the journey, but during these six years our obsession has been to explain the dimension of modern torture in its totality, using the Basque case.

Although directors think that each film is the most important in the world, the fact is that as a filmmaker you rarely have the chance to do something that has the potential to contribute something significant to society, and I think that this is one such case. Looking to the future, I would like this film to be remembered as the referential film with regard to what has happened in the heart of the West, that it will be a driving force for divulging what has happened and will lead to a social movement for reparation and measures to prevent any repetition.

Ander Iriarte
Director of Karpeta urdinak

2-karpeta urdinak

Film:Karpeta urdinak