The submission of films for the 21st Human Rights Film Festival is open

Photo: SISU 360º Jotta Zubiría & Uxue Montero
Photo: SISU 360º Jotta Zubiría & Uxue Montero


Submissions for the 21st San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival can be made from 13 November to 8 January.

The photograph for the 2024 edition, to run from 12-19 April 2024, is the work of SISU 360º Jotta Zubiria & Uxue Montero and the poster has been designed by Ytantos.

In the words of its authors, the image represents a badly wounded and worn-out planet Earth inside a rubbish bag, dumped there by humanity after failing to look after it.

Feature films can only be submitted using the Movibeta platform and shorts via Shortfilmdepot.

Rules and inscription: Human Rights Film Festival