“El salto” to open 21st San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival on 12 April


The film El salto (2023), directed by Benito Zambrano, will on 12 April serve as the curtain-raiser at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre for the 21st San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, organised by the City Council's Human Rights Area and Donostia Kultura. The festival will take place between 12 and 19 April at the Victoria Eugenia, the main setting for the event, and the Teatro Principal, as well as other venues around the city.

The Andalusian director is once again behind the camera to tell a new story denouncing the situation faced by sub- Saharan migrants, not only in their odyssey to reach the gateway to Europe, but also their struggle to achieve a decent life once they have managed to enter.

Moussa Sylla and Edith Martínez-Val star in this crucial life journey. Nansi Nsue, Mariola Fuentes, Paz Sayago, Vicenta Ndongo, Vicky Peña, Norberto Trujillo and Eric Nantchouang make up the rest of the cast.

Filming took place in Madrid and the surrounding area, as well as Tenerife. To film the fence separating Spain and Morocco, more than thirty metres of fencing were erected, exactly the same as in Melilla.

In the words of the director: "For me, this film — alongside Solas— was the most vital I have made so far. Our only aim, and our wish, is for audiences to feel that behind each image of migrants arriving on small boats or climbing over any fence they may see in the newspapers or on TV news, there are people, desperate human beings seeking a better future, that they are also entitled to. They aren't barbarians coming here to rob us or take anything from us. Quite the opposite: they come to culturally enrich our society, to do jobs that we Europeans don't want to do, and above all to rejuvenate an increasingly aged continent".

Distributed by Filmax (Barton Films in the northern region), the movie will have its commercial release on the same day, 12 April. In San Sebastian, it will be premièred at the cinemas of the SADE Group.


Ibrahim arrived in Spain from Guinea Conakry and has now settled down in Madrid, where he lives with Mariama and works as a bricklayer. One day the police stop Ibrahim, who has no residency permit, and he is deported to his home country. From that moment his only goal will be to return to Spain to be reunited with Mariama and his soon-to-be-born daughter. After managing to cross Africa, he makes his way with a number of fellow travellers to Mount Gurugu, a migrant camp positioned between Africa and Europe.