The exhibition "Pakistan: the channels of the Indus" is open at Aiete Kultur Etxea

© Igone Mariezkurrena
© Igone Mariezkurrena


The exhibition Pakistan: the channels of the Indus, from the program of the 21st Human Rights Film Festival, will be open between April 12th and June 9th at Aiete Kultur Etxea.

The exhibition features a reflection of the realities observed and documented by journalist and anthropologist Igone Mariezkurrena during her travels to the country. They all focus on the impact caused by climate change on the lives of the people who live in the Indus river basin.

The work of anthropology and photojournalism on display takes as its central theme the channels of the River Indus, to present a social snapshot of the country. The records and photographs documented on the ground make up the main content of the exhibition. Aside from the voice of those affected, we also find contributions by experts (researchers, professors, human rights activists) and proven data helping to contextualise these cases.

Pakistan offers a paradigm in understanding how and how much climate change hampers a country's full development. In fact, with less than 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions, Pakistan is one of the 10 countries most affected by global warming, but lacks the economic, material and structural resources to address the problem.

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