Amnesty International Award

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement, democratic and independent, with more than 10 million members, activists and supporters who take injustice personally. It intervenes in almost all countries of the globe to ensure that everybody can enjoy their human rights.

Amnesty International goes about its work with absolute economic and political independence. It is an organisation which has chosen not to accept government subsidies or political party donations in order to protect its impartiality and freedom of action.

Cinema can be a fantastic tool at the service of human rights. Since it was created, cinema has always reflected the injustices that infringe people's dignity. Amnesty International therefore supports the San Sebastian Human Rights Festival by giving its Amnesty International Award to a film for its special contribution to the defence of human rights. The Award is decided by a jury of Amnesty International members and audiovisual sector professionals.

Amnesty International

2024premio ai-mediha
2023premio ai-syria
The Lost Souls of Syria
2022premio ai-fadias tree
Fadia's Tree
2021foto chechenia premio ai
Welcome to Chechnya
2019ai-the load
The Load / Teret
Beauty and the Dogs
2017jackson ai
2016among the believers-prize
Among the Believers
2015drone saria
2014tales premio ai
Tales from the Organ Trade
2013forbidden premio ai
Forbidden Voices
Vol spécial
Nostalgia de la luz
El problema. Testimonio del pueblo saharaui