Human Rights Film Festival Award

The year 2007 saw the introduction of our Human Rights Film Festival Award recognising the human rights work and involvement of personalities from the film world. This year the Award goes to actress Pilar Bardem for her personal defence of human rights, democracy, peace, and her support and work in favour of the most disadvantaged causes and groups.

Previous winners of the Award are the producer Elías Querejeta, the filmmaker José Luis Borau, the Serbian director Goran Paskaljević, the British documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto, the Spanish actress and director Iciar Bollain and the documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán. All are united by their work to defend the rights of human beings in cinematic trajectories spanning several decades.


A country without documentary films is like a family without a photo album

Patricio Guzmán: Human Rights Film Festival Award 2013 PATRICIO GUZMÁN is one of the world’s greatest documentary-makers in the last forty years. A chronicler of recent Chilean history, from Salvador Allende’s rise to power until today, he was born in 1941 in Santiago and studied at the Escuela Oficial de Cinematografía in Madrid. In 1973 he filmed The Battle of Chile, a 5-hour documentary on the end of Allende’s Government. After the Coup d’état he was threatened with death by shooting and was locked up incomunicado for 2 weeks in the National Stadium. He left the country in November 1973. He has lived in Cuba, Spain and France, where he made the documentaries In the Name of God (1987), The Southern Cross (1992), Pueblo en vilo (1995), Chile, Obstinate Memory (1997), Isla de Robinson Crusoe (1999), The Pinochet Case (2001), Madrid (2002), Mon Jules Verne (2005) and Salvador Allende (2004), all screened at festivals the world over. In 2010 he directed Nostalgia for the Light, winner two years ago at this festival of the Amnesty International Award for Best Feature Film. As a teacher he gives classes on documentary film in Europe and Latin America. He is the founder and director of the Santiago Documentary Festival (FIDOCS). He lives in France.

2012iciar bollain
Iciar Bollain
2011kim longinotto
Kim Longinotto
2010goran paskaljevic
Goran Paskaljević
2009josé luis borau
José Luis Borau
2008elías querejeta
Elías Querejeta
2007pilar bardem
Pilar Bardem


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