Lilya Forever (2002)

lilyaAIETE C. C. / APRIL 16 / 19:00

Sweden-Denmark. Direction: Lukas Moodysson. Production: Lars Jönsson / Memfis Film, Det Danske Filminstitut, Film i Väst, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI), Sveriges Television (SVT), Zentropa Entertainments. Screenplay: Lukas Moodysson. Photography: Ulf Brantås. Music: Nathan Larson. Edition: Michal Leszczylowski, Oleg Morgunov, Bernhard Winkler. Cast: Oksana Akinsjina, Artiom Bogutjarskij, Ljubov Agapova, Lilija Sjinkarjova, Elina Benenson. Running time: 109 min

Lilya is 16 years old. Her only friend is the young boy Volodja. They live in Estonia, fantasizing about a better life. One day, Lilya falls in love with Andrej. He is going to Sweden, and invites Lilya to come along and start a new life.


Le jour où Dieu est parti on voyage (2009)

jourOKENDO C. C. / APRIL 22 / 19:00

France-Belgium. Direction: Philippe Van Leeuw. Production: Patrick Quinet, Toussaint Tiendrebeogo / Les Films du Mogho, Artémis Productions, Liaison Cinématographique, Minds Meet. Screenplay: Philippe Van Leeuw. Photography: Marc Koninckx. Music: Annonciata Kalamiza. Edition: Andrée Davanture. Cast: Ruth Nirere (Shanel), Afazali Dewaele. Running time: 94 min

Rwanda, April 1994. Westerns flee the country during these early days of the genocide. Before their evacuation, a Belgian family hides their nanny, Jacqueline, in the attic, saving her life in the doing. She leaves her hide-out after a few days and heads for her village to collect her children. There she discovers what has really happened in the country, finding herself thrown into the horror surrounding her on all sides.


Murderball (2005)

murderballLUGARITZ C. C. / APRIL 24 / 19:00

USA. Direction: Henry-Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro. Production: Jeffrey Mandel, Dana Adam Shapiro / Think Film, A&E Indie Films, Eat Film. Photography: Henry-Alex Rubin. Music: Jamie Saft. Edition: Geoffrey Richman, Conor O'Neill. Running time: 88 min

This is a docu-fiction about a team of elite paraplegic rugby players. Most of these men have suffered accidents or illnesses that have consigned them to live in a wheelchair. We will be with them in their matches, in their preparation for the Paralympic Games in Athens... But the film also shows us what their everyday life is like. Their spinal column may be broken, but not their life. They still enjoy life, falling in love, loving, having children... Because they want to show us that they still live a normal and full life within their disabilities.


My Neighbor My Killer (2009)

ngighborTOMASENE C. C. / APRIL 29 / 19:00

USA. Direction: Anne Aghion. Production: Anne Aghion / Gacaca Productions. Photography: James Kakwerere, Linette Frewin, Claire Bailly du Bois, Mathieu Hagnery. Edition: Nadia Ben Rachid. Running time: 76 min

In the Rwanda of 1994, hundreds of thousands of Hutus were urged to exterminate the country's Tutsi minority. From the capital to the smallest villages, local 'patrols' assassinated life-long friends and family members, usually with machetes and improvised weapons. In 2001 the Government created the so-called 'Gacaca Courts', held outdoors, at which the citizens themselves judged their neighbours in an endeavour to reconstruct the nation. As a part of this experiment in reconciliation, confessed genocide perpetrators were sent home from the prison, while their traumatised survivors were asked to forgive and continue living next door to these people. Anne Aghion spent almost a decade following the evolution of these Gacaca Courts and their effect on survivors and murderers.


Cirkus Columbia (2010)

cirkusINTXAURRONDO C. C. / APRIL 30 / 19:00

France-Bosnia/Herzegovina-United Kingdom-Germany-Eslovenia-Belgium. Direction: Danis Tanović. Production: Cedomir Kolar, Amra Baksić, Marc Bachet, Mirsad Purivatra, Cat Villiers, Dunja Klemenc, Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul, Marion Hänsel, Miroslav Mogorovi / 2006, A.S.A.P. Films, Autonomous, Studio Maj, Razor Film, Man's Films Production, Art & Popcorn. Screnplay: Danis Tanović, Ivica Dikić. Photography: Walther Van den Ende. Music: Max Richter, Stéphane Moucha. Edition: Petar Marković. Cast: Miki Manojlović, Mira Furlan, Boris Ler, Jelena Stupljanin. Running time: 113 min

Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1991. The Communists have been toppled from power and Divko Buntic returns to the village of his birth to reclaim the family home. After 20 years of exile in Germany, Divko rolls up in his fancy Mercedes with his young girlfriend Azra, his lucky black cat, Bonny, and his pockets full of German marks. Divko uses his money and connections to have his estranged wife Lucija thrown out of the house, but does everything he can to find his son Martin. Most of the people in the village seem to ignore the rumour of political upset: Croatia has become independent, all Yugoslavs are forced to take sides, and the Serbs start bombing Dubrovnik.

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