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El olvido

Political corruption, impunity and historical memory

El olvido

El olvido talks about the forgotten city of Lima, of a forgotten people (the Peruvians) and a forgotten country (like most Latin American countries), Peru. From time to time –during presidential elections, after an earthquake or when a pit full of dead bodies is found– the world remembers that Peru exists, but only for a few days.

Heddy Honigmann is one of the most prestigious documentary makers in the world, born in Lima in 1951 but living in Amsterdam since 1978. She has directed films such as Metal and Melancholy (1992), Crazy (1999) or Forever (2006), which have won awards all over the world.

Year: 2008
Origin: Holland - Germany
Direction: Heddy Honigmann
Production: Carmen Cobos / Cobos Films, IKON, ZDF, Arte
Script: Heddy Honigmann, Judith Vreriks, Sonia Goldenberg
Azgazkia: Adri Schover
Mounting: Danniel Danniel, Jessica de Koning
Duración: 93 min.
Contact: Cobos Films
Phone: 31 20 320 33 68