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Right to universal public health


The expressions “health care” and “comedy” do not normally go hand in hand, but in the new film by Michael Moore –Bowling for Columbine (2002), Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)– they fit… like a glove (rubber of course).

The lives of an infinite number of Americans have been disturbed and badly treated (some have not even lived to tell the tale) by the catastrophe of the country’s health system. Moore sustains that this crisis not only affects the 47 million citizens who do not have health insurance, but also many people that have paid up and yet encounter endless bureaucratic problems.

Year: 2007
Origin: United States
Direction: Michael Moore
Production: Michael Moore, Meghan O’Hara / Dog Eat Dog Films, The Weinstein Company
Script: Michael Moore
Kamera: Tony Hardmon, Peter Nelson, Jonathan Weaver, Andy Black, Daniele Marracino, Jayme Roy
Music: Erin O’Hara
Mounting: Dan Swietlik, Geoffrey Richman, Chistopher Seward
Duración: 96 min.
Contact: Baditri
Phone: 93 201 04 67