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Africa and the brain drain


Anberber returns to his native village, in Ethiopia, after many years studying Medicine in Germany. Like many others who return to Africa, he plans to use all his knowledge to help his people. However, once he gets there he finds a country in crisis, immersed in constant war which obliges all the young people in the village to hide in the mountains to avoid recruitment and he feels incapable of helping.

Hailè Gerima, one of history’s most important African filmmakers, directs this look at the recent history of his country. Author of emblematic films such as Harvest: 3,000 Years (1976) or Sankofa (1993), Pan-African, activist and above all educator, Gerima talks in his films about African identity and its need to be freed.

Year: 2008
Origin: Ethiopia - Germany - France
Direction: Hailè Gerima
Production: Hailè Gerima, Karl Baumgartner / Pandora Film, Negod-Gwad Productions, Unlimited, Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Script: Hailè Gerima
Photography: Mario Masini
Music: Vijay Iyer, Jorga Mesfin
Mounting: Hailè Gerima, Loren Hankin
Actors: Aaron Arefe, Abeye Tedla, Takelech Beyene, Teje Tesfahun, Nebiyu Baye
Duración: 140 min.
Contact: The Match Factory
Phone: 49 221 539 70 90