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7th Human Rights Film Festival

From 23rd To 30th April

With responsibility and commitment, the San Sebastian government is working alongside the people of this city so that San Sebastian, candidate for Cultural Capital in 2016, can be a real “Place for a Peace Culture”, creating a space for cohabitation which highlights respect for everyone’s human rights, with no exclusions.

The San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival has become a relevant cultural occasion in a city known throughout the world for its passion for cinema and its defence and promotion of human rights.

In this globalised world, as the economic recession spreads throughout the planet, we cannot allow ourselves to submit to a moral crisis which would doubtlessly wield a fatal blow on humanity, particularly the least privileged people in poor countries. For this reason, the fight for a fair world order and respect for human rights are taking on a new perspective as we need them now more than ever.

Faced with this challenge, and continuing the commitment we made seven years ago, the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival combines images, dialogue, the universal language of music and encounters to awaken and stir up critical consciousness regarding violations of human rights.

I would urge citizens to get involved with this cause to support human beings suffering injustice, lack of freedom and equal opportunities. I would encourage everyone to take a sensitive view, inside and outside, to share a week of feature films and short films chosen for their cinematographic and human qualities. These films come from all over the world, in some cases making their international debut, and they are all endorsed by critics and prizes from the best festivals. There will be the chance to participate in discussions with the films’ stars and experts on the issues covered, in the photo exhibitions which show us the reality close to home and far away, and the youth jury, in the morning schools sessions...

Once again, I would like to thank the Spanish Development Cooperation Agency (AECID) and the European Commission for their support, without forgetting backing and contributions from different organisations, associations and prestigious international entities such as UNICEF, UNHCR, CEAR, Amnesty International, SOS Racism, Gehitu, International Peace Educators Association, UNESCO seat for Human Rights at the UNAM in Mexico or twin festivals in places as far apart as France (Nantes Spanish Film Festival) and Mexico (Human Rights Film Festival from the Mexican Human Rights Academy) and of course, active and committed participation from citizens.

Mayor of San Sebastian


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23 april 19:30 Opening night
El nunca lo haría
Fifty Dead Men Walking
23:00 Love
24 april 19:30
La caja de Pandora
23:00 Ander
25 april 17:00 Rough Cut
Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?
19:30 Carretera del norte
El olvido
23:30 Andong
After the Rape
26 april 17:00 Au centre de la terre - Des puits et des hommes
My Magic
19:30 On the Line
La forteresse
23:30 Cemetery People
27 april 19:30 Asämara
Johnny Mad Dog
23:00 Clean Up
28 april 19:30 Teza
23:00 La Patrona
A las puertas de París
29 april 18:00 Roundtable / Sala Club / Free entry
El cine como escudo
19:30 Skhizein
Trouble the Water
23:00 Mona
Motema na ngai
30 april 17:00 Y el cine marcha. Una historia del cine al servicio de los derechos humanos
19:30 Closing ceremony
Checkpoint Rock. Canciones desde Palestina
Revolutionary Brothers
22:30 Music / Gazteszena (C.C. Egia K.E.)
Checkpoint Rock Zuzenean

Tickets: 3,70 €

Tickets for all film sessions (includes catalog): 18 €

Checkpoint Rock Zuzenean: 10 €