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Motema na ngai

Africa / Euskadi

Motema na ngai

The expression “motema na ngai” literally means “my heart” in Lingala (spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). In poetic language it is used as an expression of tenderness or affection between two lovers. It could freely be translated as “I love you” or “My love.” Juanmi Gutiérrez says it spontaneously every time he thinks of Africa.

Author of documentaries such as Tabula rasa (2004), Bozes lexanas (2005) or Angor (2007), on this occasion Juanmi Gutiérrez is looking at the real life, the music and the people of the African continent, the people who live there and those who have come to Euskadi.

Year: 2008
Origin: Spain
Direction: Juanmi Gutiérrez
Production: Kany Peñalba / Zazpi T’erdi
Script: Juanmi Gutiérrez
Mounting: Juanmi Gutiérrez
Duración: 80 min.
Contact: Zazpi T’erdi
Phone: 943 45 89 89